Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long does a service typically take? 

A: A signature service is typically 60 minutes. A bridal service can take up to 90 minutes on average. 

Q: Should I do anything to prepare for the appointment? 

A: Just have a freshly washed face! If your skin is sensitive, and you prefer to use your own moisturizer, feel free to. Otherwise, we always start off every service with La Mer skincare products. 

Q: Your thoughts on lash extensions? 

A: Totally up to you! I've come accross some amazing lash extensions, and some, not so much. I will say though, that lash extensions give a very natural look. If you're looking to go full glam, I would reccomend skipping the extensions, and opting for our premium grade lashes. 

Q: Do you offer hair services? 

A: Currently, we are working on finding talented hair artists to join the Nicole Cheng Artistry team! As of right now, I have reccomendations on lovely providers I have worked with in the past, and would be happy to share their information with you. Check back real soon for a more permanent answer to that question. 

Q: Where are your studios located? 

A: We're currently based in three in-home and in-office studios, in Newport Coast, Chino Hills, as well as Rowland Heights. 

Q: Trials and Consultations?

A: We recommend booking your trial up to three months before your wedding date. They are mandatory for wedding makeup applications, as it will give both the artist and bride a clear view of what the wedding day application will look like. 

Q: Deposit Fee?

A: We collect fifty percent of your payment due at the trial, and will collect the rest at the day of the wedding.